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Nachimson Advisors, LLC

Making Health Care Information Technology Work for YOU!

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About Nachimson Advisors LLC

We are a small, independent consulting firm with knowledge of the entire health care IT industry, including plans, providers and vendors.  We specialize in helping entities understand the business impacts of new HIT technology, federal and State regulatory requirements, and successfully getting ROI from compliance efforts.

The firm is led by Stanley Nachimson, an expert in the HIT landscape. For over 5 years Stanley has provided independent leadership to the industry on a variety of topics, including ICD-10 implementation, new HIPAA transaction standards, EHR development and implementation, and industry collaboration among plans, providers, and clearinghouses.  He leads ICD-10 workgroups for WEDI and HIMSS, and provides guidance to a number of industry organizatons and companies Stanley is .the former CMS lead on HIPAA regulatory development and implementation.

Examples of  Company Products

NCHICA/WEDI ICD-10 Timeline  (development led by Stanley Nachimson)

Areas of Expertise

ICD-10 Implementation and Testing

HIPAA Standards

Operating Rules

Fraud and Abuse Detection

Meaningful Use